Sanitary Sewers

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The City of Oroville owns and maintains over 91 miles of sanitary sewer lines, called Main Lines. Private lines are those that connect the residence or business to the Main Line. They are maintained by the property or business owner, and are commonly called “laterals.”

If you see Sewage flowing constantly out of a manhole, pump station, or out of the ground, this is an Emergency situation; please call the city immediately, 538-2420. Do not leave a message; make contact with a representative. After hours and on weekends/holidays call the Oroville Police Department Dispatch phone number (530) 538-2448. If the sewer is not flowing in the home or business and only overflows when you flush the toilet, wash dishes, bath, or do laundry it is an indication that your private lateral is plugged and the property owner should call a Plumber to clear the line.

  • Working hours for the Sewer Department are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm; contact phone number (530) 538-2420
  • After hours and weekend/holiday emergency call the Oroville Police Department Dispatch phone number (530) 538-2448