Streets, Traffic, & Street Lights

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If you observe traffic infrastructure issues such as, potholes, burned out street lights, or non operational traffic signals, please report them to 538-2415 immediately. For emergencies after 3:30pm, weekends, or holidays please call 538-2448.


The City maintains 91 miles of paved street, 40 miles of curb and sidewalk, 79 individual alley-ways, 6 public parking lots, 8 bridges, 1 roundabout, 8 traffic signals, 1,200 street lights, and 1,500 signs, guard rail and pavement markings. The City also performs roadside weed abatement.

Additionally, the City of Oroville is serviced by B-Line the local transit agency. B-Line is not affiliated with the City of Oroville.

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backhoe tearing up the street

Electrician at Work on a street light