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The Support Division consists of:

  • Communications
  • Records
  • Detectives/Investigations
  • Administrative Services Volunteers
  • Chaplain
  • Evidence/Property

and special assignments under the supervision of a Lieutenant. The Division's main objective is to support the Operations Division.

Communications Division

The Public Safety Communication Specialists (PSCS) are the “first responders” citizens contact when seeking police services. These individuals are the “heartbeat” of the Department as they often are the life line to the community and police personnel. The Communication Center is staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. PSCSs are responsible for answering all 911 emergency phone calls and general calls for service. PSCSs determine the type of assistance needed by callers and send police personnel to emergencies and calls for service. They are required to complete many duties which require them to have the ability to multi-task and remain calm under extreme pressure.

Reporting Guidelines

When calling the Communications Center, please keep in mind the following guidelines to assist the dispatcher in providing the best response possible for your call. If the situation is URGENT, you need to convey this to the Communication Center. It will dictate the priority of the call and the time it takes an officer to respond. For emergencies, dial 911. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What happened?
  • Where is the incident occurring or where did it occur? Give an address or describe the location with the closest cross street.
  • When did the incident happen? Is the incident occurring now? Did it just happen and is now over? Did the incident occur an hour or more before calling the Department?
  • Who is involved? How many people are involved? Give the name of the people involved and provide a general description by stating their gender, race, approximate age, physical description, and clothing description. The more descriptive information provided to the Communication Center, the Department can deal with the problem for effectively.
  • Are drugs, alcohol, or weapons involved? What kind(s) of weapon(s)?
  • If a vehicle is involved, try to get its description, license number, and direction of travel.

Reporting Accidents

  • Is anyone hurt? Are they trapped inside? Do we need to send special fire equipment? How many people are hurt?
  • Is the roadway blocked or clear? If the involved parties can safely move their vehicles they should do so.
  • Where have they moved to? (For example, they are on the west side of the Food Max parking lot.) What are they driving? (For example, a red truck and a blue van - a generic description should do so that the officers may find them)

Records Unit

One Records Technician is responsible for maintaining all of the paperwork generated by the Department. The technician handles all public contacts at the Department’s front counter. The Records Unit provides copies of reports as dictated by the Public Information Act, provides information to other governmental agencies, reports crime statistics to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report, and maintains the registry for drug and sex offenders residing within the City of Oroville.

Detective Unit

The Detective conducts follow-up criminal investigations on most major felony crimes against persons. Usually, a uniformed police officer responds to a call for service and forwards a crime report to the Detective Unit for follow up. This unit handles all major felonies including homicide, other violent crimes, sexual assault, gang crimes, and child abuse cases.

Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force (BINTF)

BINTF was formed in October 1985 due to the growing methamphetamine problem in Butte County. Participating agencies recognize the illegal production, transportation, distribution, and use of narcotics and other controlled substances are serious law enforcement problems in the County of Butte. Such illegal activities are a cause of a substantial percentage of the burglaries and thefts by those individuals who steal in order to finance their illegal drug use. The Department is a participating agency in BINTF and assigns one police officer to the unit.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services consists of two Executive Assistants. One is assigned to the Office of the Chief of Police and the other is assigned to the Support Division. Payroll, grant writing and monitoring, accounts payable, subpoenas for officer testimony, maintenance of training records and purchase of supplies are just some of the duties these two individuals carry out.

Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)

The VIPS program is a volunteer program which draws citizens from our community to assist the Department in various areas of need. The Department is grateful to those citizens who wish to volunteer their time and skills on behalf of the Department. The programs ultimate goal is to enhance the capacity of law enforcement to serve the community by utilizing volunteers.

Chaplain Program

The purpose of this program is to provide spiritual guidance and counseling to all members of the Department and their families in time of need and crisis.

Property and Evidence

The Property Room is open Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. excluding holidays. The Department stores items of evidence, found property, safe keeping, and for property/evidence for destruction. Property is held until a case is adjudicated, time requirements are met or a court issues a court order authorizing the return of the property. If the property is unclaimed, it may be destroyed, utilized by the police department or sent to auction.

Property Retrieval

Proper identification will be required for release of property.

  • Safekeeping property may be claimed Wednesday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Please have the OPD case number along with proper identification.
  • Found property must be held 90 day, and if not claimed within ten (1) days after the expiration of the 90th day, all claims are relinquished. If you wish to claim found property within the time limit you will need the case number and your identification. Please contact the OPD evidence department for legal notice publishing requirements and further information on how to claim your belongings
  • Evidence property belonging to crime victims or crime suspects is held by the Property room until the case is adjudicated, time requirements are met, or a court issues a Court Order authorizing the return of the property. Evidence room technicians do not make decisions regarding the release of any evidence items. Proper identification will be required for release of property. Evidence will be release to the persons named in the Court order and by appointment only. Please telephone ahead to schedule an appointment by calling 538-2448.

Weapons and Explosives

  • Weapons and Ammunition: If you own or possess any rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition or any other type of weapon you wish to get rid of, you may bring it to the Department for destruction. All firearms MUST be unloaded prior to transporting them to the Department.