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The Operations Division is the larger of the two divisions within the Oroville Police Department organization with its primary function being patrol services. The Operations Division is the “public face” of the Oroville Police Department. This division includes our Patrol and Traffic division, Parking Enforcement, School Resource Officer, CREDO officer, K-9 Unit, and Community Service Officers.

Patrol and Traffic

The patrol unit is made up of four (4) Sergeants and sixteen (16) Officers. This unit operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The patrol officers are responsible for all general law enforcement duties within the City of Oroville for the protection of lives and property, the investigation of crimes, and traffic collision investigation. Traffic enforcement is handled by patrol officers during their regular shifts.

School Resource Officer

The role of "counselor or problem solver" is probably one of the most important roles of the School Resource Officer (SRO). The Oroville Police Department has an SRO who serves the Oroville High School District, primarily at Oroville High School. The SRO is both a resource provider and a law enforcement officer. The SRO helps maintain a safe school environment through handling assaults, theft, burglary, bomb threats, weapons, alcohol and drug incidents on and off campus. Crime Prevention is an integral part of a School Resource Officer’s role in the schools.

Municipal Law Enforcement Officers

A Municipal Law Enforcement Officer (MLE) assists patrol officers in crime prevention and patrol services to the community. Municipal Law Enforcement Officers are non-sworn members of the Police Department who are responsible for handling non-hazardous situations, taking reports where no suspect information is available, and responding to most “after-the fact” thefts, lost and found property, runaway juveniles, and missing persons. MLEs direct traffic at accident scenes, fires, or other locations as needed and assist in transporting large amounts of seized property or evidence. MLEs have a substantial workload allowing police officers to concentrate on those duties requiring the attention of sworn personnel.

K9 Unit

The Oroville Police Department reestablished a K-9 program in 2007 with the arrival of Barricade who is affectionately known as “Bear.” Members of the K9 team raised funds from the local community to revitalize the program, and expect to bring on an additional dog in 2009 through additional fundraising efforts underway.

Community benefits derived from a police K-9 include:

  • Assistance to officers in finding lost children and elderly citizens;
  • More efficient illegal drug detection;
  • A reduction in on-the-job injuries to officers and suspects;
  • A reduction in police officer time and manpower to conduct searches;
  • Demonstrations at schools and private/public clubs.

Any contributions to the Oroville Police Department K-9 Program will be greatly appreciated and may be made by sending your check to:

  • Oroville Police Department K-9 Program
    2055 Lincoln Street
    Oroville, CA 95966

Thank you for your time and consideration of this worthy program. If you have any questions about the K-9 program, please contact Officer John Sanzone at 538-2448.