Why do I need a building permit?

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The City issues permits to monitor all construction projects for safety and to ensure that all buildings meet minimum standards. These minimum standards protect occupants and neighbors not only in everyday living, but also in case of emergencies and natural disasters.

Work done without a permit is illegal and can pose serious complications for your fire and homeowner’s insurance or for you when you sell your home. By obtaining a Building Permit, you avoid legal and financial liabilities.

Building Permits Are Required For The Following But Not Limited To:

Carports Garage
(New or Conversion)
Solar System
(Roof or Ground Mount)
Covered Patios and Decks Gazebos Storage Sheds
(Over 120sq. ft.)
Electrical Heating & Air
(New, Replace, or Relocate)
Wall Coverings - Internal
(Street rock)
(Over 7ft in height)
(Single Family)
Wall Coverings - Exterior
(Siding, Stucco)
Fireplace or Wood Burning Stove
(New or Replace)
Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs
(New or Replace)
Water Heater
(New, Replace, or Relocate)
(New or Replace)
(Install or Replace)
(New or Retrofit)


Any new or repairs to Gas Lines, any replacement or new Heating or Cooling Units, Irrigation Systems, Repairs or new Electrical, repair sewer lines and new Plumbing.

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Exempt from Building Permits

Low Voltage Lighting Repairing Hole in Wall Replace Receptacle or Switch
Painting Replacing Electrical Fixture
(Except Water Heaters)
Storage shed under 120sq. ft.
(Still Required to Comply With Set Backs)
Windows Glass Replacement
(Residential Only)
Replace Plumbing Fixture
(Except Water Heaters)


Over the Counter permits are available for installations such as reroofs, wood stoves, gas lines, new heating and cooling units, and most plumbing.

For more complicated projects such as room additions, you or your contractor will submit your application and plans to the building department staff for the plan review.

The plan review process will require 3 complete sets of building plans, 3 site plans, 2 sets of roof truss plans and 2 sets of energy calculations (see the residential plan submittal checklist for complete information). The review process will take 10-15 working days depending on the type of project.

At time of submittal of the building plans you will be charged a plan review and tech cost recovery fee. Prior to issuance of your building permit you will be required to pay the remainder of the fees which are determined during the plan review process and are based on your specific project.