Encroachment Permit

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Encroachment Permit Requirements

Encroachment permits are required anytime a person wishes to encroach upon a city right-of-way, sidewalk , street or easement. The permit assures the City that property will not be damaged and if so, proper repairs are made.

Some items requiring an Encroachment Permit include:

Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Installation or Repair, Driveway Installation, Trenching in a City Street, Sidewalk Sales, Power washing and/or Painting a Building Where You Need to Put Up Ladders or Scaffolding on the Sidewalk, Window Washing Where You Need to Put Up Ladders or Scaffolding on the Sidewalk, Special Events such as Parades, Car Shows, Farmer’s Market, etc. which Require Closing of a City Street.

Why is an Encroachment Permit needed?

Protecting the driving and walking public is of prime importance during construction work in the public right of way. The public right of way varies typically it is 4 to 5 feet back from back of sidewalk. Fire systems may involve a larger area. The permit is also issued to insure work meets City Standards and to protect existing facilities such as the water system.

What type of license is needed to pull an Encroachment Permit?

The type of work being done determines the type of license needed. A contractor who intends on digging, trenching or excavating in the roads must have an A license. If a contractor is just pouring concrete, no digging, trenching or excavation necessary, a C license is acceptable. If a contractor holding a B license, has permitted plans to build a home and needs an encroachment permit, he/she is permitted to pull the permit if he/she is the one doing the work. He/she cannot hire a subcontractor to do the work. The contractor (permittee) must provide proof of public liability and property damage insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 and Workers Compensation Insurance. The contractor must also provide a Excavation Bond in the amount of $2500. Encroachment Permits are only issued to the person doing the work, they are not issued to someone who intends to hire a subcontractor to do the work.

How long is the permit process?

A permit application with approved insurance certificates will start the Encroachment Permit process. At this time plan checking begins. Depending on the scope of the project, the permit may be issued the same date or take longer if additional submittal's are required.

Do I need to submit anything else with my application?

With the exception of minor works, all permits shall include Engineering Plans prepared by a registered Civil Engineer. These plans must be drawn in conformance with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Include the type and location of the work to be completed within the right-of-way. The work area should be tied out to the centerline of the street and to the nearest intersection.