Executive Management Team

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The City of Oroville executive team consists of three Assistant City Administrators that oversee various community service departments. The various departments include Public Safety (Police and Fire), Finance, Business Assistance and Housing Development, City Clerks Office, Community Development and Public Works, and General Services/Parks and Trees. The City Administrator oversees the department heads for these major responsibilities. The City Administrator and this team meet routinely to coordinate the delivery of services and analyze issues for the City Council’s decision making.

The Executive Management Team

Assistant City Administrator - Administration
Ruth Wright
(530) 538-2410
E-mail: finance@cityoforoville.org
Finance, Housing, Human Resources, City Clerk, Information Technology, SBF

Assistant City Administrator - Public Safety
Chief Joe Deal
(530) 538-2448
E-mail: police@oropd.org
Police, Fire, Municipal Law Enforcement, Code Enforcement

Assistant City Administrator - Community Development
Leo DePaola
(530) 538-2401
E-mail: planning@cityoforoville.org
Public Works - Sewer, Streets, Trees, Parks, Building, Engineering, Planning, Airport, Fleet, Museums

Department Leaders

Airport Manager
Rick Farley
Email: bahd@cityoforoville.org

Assistant City Clerk 
Jackie Glover
Email: cityclerk@cityoforoville.org

Assistant Community Development Director
Dawn Nevers
(530) 538-2401
E-mail: planning@cityoforoville.org

Business Assistance and Housing Development Manager
Amy Bergstrand
Email: bahd@cityoforoville.org

Human Resource Manager
Elizabeth Ehrenstrom
Email: hr@cityoforoville.org

Information Technology Manager
Tyson Pardee

Parks, Streets, Trees, Museum, Facilities Supervisor
Wade Atteberry
(530) 538-2492
E-mail: PWGeneral@cityoforoville.org

Sewer - Fleet - Electrical Supervisor
Cody Nissen
(530) 538-2490
E-mail: PWGeneral@cityoforoville.org