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There are a variety of methods for ensuring your home is fire safe during the warm summer months. City Ordinance requires all residents to maintain grass and weeds at a height of 4” or less throughout the active fire season.

So how can I accomplish this? Just follow these simple recommendations.


Mowing and/or weed eating is the most common method for maintaining vegetation. (Note: This must be completed between the hours of 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM) This is done to avoid sparks from the mower or weed eater starting a fire!


For large plots of land the owner needs to disk, till, or doze a 30-foot-wide perimeter around the entire lot, to bare ground, which is sufficient to contain a vegetation fire.


Spraying is the least effective method because it does not remove the vegetation it just kills it. The vegetation that remains is still fuel for a fire and promotes fire growth and spread. If you elect to spray, make sure you spray it on the vegetation while it is still green and growing otherwise the spray will have no effect. We recommend that you cut the vegetation and then spray the remaining duff so it will not grow back.


Vegetation management using live stock is a highly effective means of removing and controlling vegetation. The vegetation is completely removed and the ground is fertilized at the same time. Livestock such as goats, cattle or other grass eating animals is a natural and safe method for reducing fire fuels. If you intend to use this method, you must contact the Oroville Fire Department at (530) 538-2481 and request a Pasture Land Affidavit each year. The form can also be found here: Pasture Land Affidavit

What if I can’t take care of my vegetation because of age or physical health concerns?

Weed Abatement contractors can be found in the yellow pages or on the internet under “weed control services” or “disking services”. The City of Oroville Fire Department also has a list of contractors that can be found here. Oroville Fire Department Weed Abatement Resource List