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OpenGov in Oroville

Oroville has joined the over 110 California cities, school districts and counties that have partnered with OpenGov to access, share, and analyze its financial data. To access Oroville’s interactive portal, visit

Background on OpenGov

The OpenGov platform provides instant online access to the budget, and interactively displays current and historic revenue and expenses down to the fund, department and object level.

Over 270 governments across 36 states leverage the rapidly expanding OpenGov network. In total, these governments represent more than 34 million citizens and approximately $88 billion in annual spending.

Governments use OpenGov internally to create custom reports, help operations manage to budget, keep administrators and legislators informed, and help with important workflows from the budgeting process to internal audits. Externally, the platform is used to publish interactive budgets, share this information with the community, and even achieve revenue goals by disseminating important financial data around tax or bond measures.

Maintaining budget data on OpenGov’s platform enables each government to provide citizens, elected officials and internal staff the ability to:

  • View historical revenue and expenditure trends over time.
  • Explore multiple views of budget data, including by fund, department, expense or revenue type, or activity.
  • Answer frequently asked questions, such as total Police Department spending in the last five years or the amount of taxes collected in the last five years.
  • Track year-to-date revenue and expenses and view how departments operate to budget.

Navigation Tips for Citizens & Staff

  • OpenGov allows you to explore budget and historical finances in a simple graphical user interface.
  • You'll notice the title of the chart or graph you are viewing in the top left corner.
  • Click on Saved on the left-hand side to view a list of common or favorite views on each report
  • Select Filter to display key menus
  • You can use the Show drop-down to select the data that is of most interest to you.
  • Use the Broken Down By drop-down to specify the category you would like the data organized by in your chart or graph.
  • Select the Filtered By option to view the data filters. These filters will allow you select exactly which data you want to include, or exclude, from your graph or chart.
  • Use the Search function within each filter to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • There are five different types of visual representations of the data:
  • Below any chart or graph, you can view a Table detailing the financial information in the visualization above.
  • Use the Advanced setting n the bottom left to display dollar amounts as per capita
  • Use the Help drop-down in the top right corner to:
  • Use the Share drop-down in the top right corner to:
  • Use the Download drop-down in the top right corner to:

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