SBF Regional Fund Strategic Plan

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The Regional Fund Strategic Plan (RFSP) a requirement of “Appendix B of the Settlement Agreement for licensing of the Oroville Facilities FERC Project No. 2100.

“At the direction of the Steering Committee, the Fund Administrator shall develop a Regional Fund Strategic Plan to guide the Steering Committee in selecting and funding proposed projects in a manner that optimizes the overall benefits to the local region consistent with the availability of funds”.

After eighteen months of research, public meetings and committee meetings the SBF Steering Committee on April 22, 2010 adopted the RFSP as a living document which is intended to have periodic reviews and updates. The SBF Steering Committee formed an ad Hoc RFSP review committee in 2015 to update the RFSP based on five years of experience of using it. The "updated final report" is envisioned to provide the information in a logical flow for the public to understand the concepts and funding of the Supplemental Benefits Fund as well as the parameters of funding categories and grant releases. It also provides information for the SBF Steering Committees’ reference and use.

Please click here to access the updated Regional Fund Strategic Plan (RFSP) adopted April 25, 2018

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