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The Arts, consisting of the general areas of visual, performing and literal arts are a creative means of self-expression which contribute to the health and quality of life in a community. This information represents the recognition by the City of Oroville of the need to actively participate further in the artistic and cultural development of its citizens. The role of the Arts Commission, in fulfilling this need, is to serve as an advocate for the Arts and as a community partner in the design and development of the City’s cultural life and environment as well as liaison with Oroville Government in order to achieve these goals.


  • Provide opportunities for the artistic and cultural development of citizens of Oroville.
  • Facilitate the education of all citizens in the development of their creative skills and an appreciation for the arts.
  • Support the development of artists and their access and exposure to the community.
  • Consider integrating artists and other design professionals into the planning, design, building, and development of Oroville in order to achieve the highest standards of design for the City.
  • Support diversity in the arts.
  • Support a program of “Art in Public Places” as an important component in the revitalization into a thriving, pedestrian friendly downtown.
  • Promote and support the development of long term fiscal strategies to assist local arts organizations in maintaining their stature and contribution to the quality of life in the community.


  • Develop an Arts Commission made up of local individual artists, representatives of arts organizations, business’, and City Council, boards, departments and staff in order to facilitate the necessary support of Oroville offerings of art events and activities, and the encouragement of community arts programs and facilities. This would not supplant the already existing or future organizations or programs, but would provide a means for the expression of arts issues and recommendations to the Parks Commission and City staff. (Note: The Oroville Arts Commission would report to the Oroville Parks Commission)
  • Provide support, encouragement, and whenever possible, financial assistance to groups of individuals who will provide programs, classes, and educational experiences to the citizens of Oroville in order to expand the artistic horizons of those citizens.
  • Encourage the development of cultural diversity in the arts through schools, organizations, private businesses, and various programs as well as funding when available.
  • Provide an example of involvement to the public through a program of information gathering and distribution, the placement of public art in public locations, and on-going encouragement and support for the continued development of a variety of arts activities in the City.
  • Support the development of an arts organizational network and information distribution system which would notify citizens of training programs and performance opportunities which are available in local public institutions, organizations or private groups.
  • Support programs such as “Arts in the Schools”, “Artist in Residence” and other programs which allow children and non-artist citizens to experience various art forms.
  • Cooperate with and coordinate efforts between local organizations, private and public educational institutions and private industry in providing a range of experiences and skill development essential to a well-rounded cultural environment. Provide funding and other assistance whenever possible to organizations that provide arts educational experiences to the citizens.
  • Promote ethnic and culturally diverse art programs, both in education and exhibitions, to promote greater cultural and ethnic understanding and education.
  • Continue to facilitate the utilization of free public exhibition spaces, encourage citizens to view or participate in the exhibitions and performances, and encourage private and public funding of same.
  • Promote media exposure and public information regarding arts performances and exhibitions, through a program of the use of public access, and other television facilities, local newspaper news releases, newsletters, and publications.
  • Publicly recognize artistic achievement of individual artists and efforts of groups. Recognize the information media’s contribution to the promotion of the arts. Consider an “Achievement in the Arts” Day.
  • When possible, implement and fund City programs for the installation and maintenance of works of art in public places in order to enhance the cultural and aesthetic environment of Oroville.
  • Develop fiscal strategies for the promotion of quality arts programs. A non-profit “friend” auxiliary organization could generate additional funds. Research into available grants, business, corporate and individual donations would be beneficial.
  • Support the liaison between arts programming and tourism for the development of increased revenues affecting both local business and the arts organizations.


2nd Tuesday bi-monthly (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec) at 4:00 p.m. (or on an as needed basis) – City Hall


Term: Four years

No. of Appointees: 5 – Total

  1. Park Commission
  2. City Council Member or their designee
  3. City of Oroville Residents (2 may be from the Greater Oroville area)


Should be persons with acknowledged accomplishments in the arts or persons who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to cultural and arts activities.

Chairperson David Tamori 06/30/2023
Vice Chairperson Amanda Wentz 06/30/2021
Council Member Linda Draper City Council Appt.
Commissioner Heidi LaGrone 6/30/2021
Commissioner Cheri Bunker 06/23/2023
Council Member Eric Smith City Council Appt. (Alt)



The Voice for the Arts Award recognizes people and organizations that positively impact the Oroville community with their passion, innovation, and commitment to the arts. 

Nominations Open Now: January 15, 2020 - February 6, 2020 at 12pm 



2016 NOFA Project

Public art created by Shyla Cook in 2017, presented by the Oroville Arts Commission.

Progress photo 01

Completion photo 4

Public art created by Shyla Cook in 2017, presented by the Oroville Arts Commission.