Police Surveillance Cameras (CCTV)

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Project Value: $101,221.00
City Allocation: $101,221.00

Project Description:

The City of Oroville has suffered numerous acts of vandalisms at all of the City parks. This vandalism has resulted in the expenditure of thousands of dollars to repair, replace and rebuild City assets. In order to curb or detour vandalism the Police Department has explored the possibility of the installation of surveillance cameras in various public locations throughout the City. The locations listed below were selected for the initial installation of CCTV.

The video images from the CCTV are captured and transmitted back to the Oroville Police Department via the internet. The CCTV will be monitored by the 24 hour dispatch center at the Oroville Police Department and in the event of criminal activity in an area the Dispatcher will have the ability to view what is occurring and provide Officers with critical information. In addition, images are saved in a digital video recorder system. The storage of these images will allow the Police Department to quickly recover any video that is necessary for the prosecution of a criminal case. The Police Department believes the CCTV will increase public safety and potential detour crime is the monitoring of these cameras.

Information gathered from the CCTV will allow Officers to respond to an area with visual information to help them identify and capture criminal suspects. Having the visual information will also increase the safety of the Officers.

Funding Sources:

  • City General Fund $101,221.00


 Project Manager: Bill LaGrone 538-2472
 Council Goal: Sustainability
 Fiscal year: 2011/2012, 2012/2013
 Expected Completion Date: 2011/2012