Park Gates

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Project Value: $159,720
City Allocation: $159,720

Project Description:

The City of Oroville’s Youth Build for Youth Basketball Project will construct (3) youth-sized and one (1) half youth-sized, ADA accessible, basketball courts and amenities, to be located in Hewitt (2), Hammon (1) and Rotary Park (1/2), as well as to refurbish an existing half-court at the local YMCA.

The City has joined forces with Workforce Alliance to provide at-risk youth that will perform the construction of the basketball courts under the supervision of General Contractor Ron Prater. R.D. Prater Construction is currently under contract with the City. The concept of this project is to not only provide at-risk youth the opportunity to learn job skills by constructing these courts, but to give the Oroville area youth better access and an activity to connect with the outdoors and be active. An added benefit is to this project is that these basketball courts will improve our parks and shall be open to the public to enjoy. To ensure youth use of the new courts, the City has also partnered with the local YMCA whom currently provides a basketball program for youth. Once the courts are constructed, the YMCA will hold many practices at the new basketball courts.

The total project cost is expected to be $159,720.00 funded by a combination of multiple sources.

Funding Sources:

  • Park Impact Fees $76,164.00
  • Stewardship Council $61,000.00
  • City Revolving Loan Account $1,556.00
  • City County Payment Program Grant Funds $21,000.00
  • From the CA Dept. of Resources, Recycling & Recovery


  1. Secured Stewardship Council grant funds.
  2. City of Oroville Public Works Department completed project plans.
  3. Worked with Work Force Alliance to obtain at-risk youth for the youth build project.
  4. Amended the agreement with R.D. Prater Construction to have him oversee the youth build.
  5. Determined Project Schedule
  6. Construction start date is scheduled for 10-28-11
  7. Obtained more funding through the CA Department of Resources, Recycling & Recovery by way of the City County Payment Program Grant.
  8. R.D. Prater Construction’s Contracted is scheduled to be amended on November 1, 2011 for the purchase and installation of the recycled content drink fountains.
 Project Manager: Pat Clark 538-2403
 Council Goal: Sustainability
 Fiscal year:  2011/2012, 2012/2013
 Expected Completion Date: June 2012