Streetscape Project

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Project Value: $43,750
City Allocation: $8,750

Project Description:

This P/TA Grant is for the project focus to be used to develop the Lincoln and Huntoon Streetscape Study.

Primary goal for this project is to study a solution for Lincoln and Huntoon Street traffic, a pedestrian friendly environment with a finished streetscape that is inviting and demonstrates the historical and innovative character of Oroville.

Funding Sources:

Funds in the amount of $35,000 are available from the 2009 CDBG Economic Development P/TA allocation for this activity along with the 25% cash match from the Redevelopment Agency Funds in the amount of $8,750, a total amount of $43,750 for this activity.


  • Task 1 – Identify and Evaluate Various Restoration Plan Options
  • Task 2 – Recommend Implementation Strategy base on information from Task 1
  • Task 3 – Prepare and Present Draft Report with Analysis to key City Staff
  • Task 4 – Make any necessary revisions based on recommendations from City Staff
  • Task 5 – Prepare and Present Final Report with Analysis to City Staff and City Council
  • Task 6 – Prepare Final Report to be submitted to CDBG
 Project Manager:
 Don Rust
 Rick Walls
 Council Goal: Capital Improvement
 Fiscal year: 2011/2012, 2012/2013
 Expected Completion Date: 2011/2012