Sidewalk Streetscape w/ Solar Bollards

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Project Value: $ 90,641
City Allocation: $90,641

Project Description:

The project is to install solar bollards in two phases along Montgomery Street at four specific intersections, as shown on the street layout diagram (Attachment A). The Project will provide enhancement to Montgomery Street between Oak Street and Myers Street highlighting the downtown Oroville Area.


  • The northeast and southeast corner of Montgomery Street and Oak Street; and
  • The northwest and southwest corners of Montgomery Street and Myers Street.


  • All four corners of the intersection of Montgomery Street and Lincoln Street; and
  • All four corners of the intersection of Montgomery Street and Huntoon Street

The following is a comparison of the two options for Solar Lighted Cylindrical Concrete Bollard:

Option 1 = StoneLight - Custom Cast Cylindrical concrete solar lighted bollards

  • First 16 - $ 34,011
  • 2nd 32 - $ 56,630

TOTAL - $ 90,641

  • Single source for units, no assembly needed
  • I think this will appear to be brighter since there will be a single light unit on one fact of the bollard. (The solar panels can only power a specified number of LED bulbs so if they are concentrated, as these would be, it will appear as one brighter light)

Option 2 = DuraStone bollards + Annapolis light -- custom cast bollard with standard solar light top

  • First 16 - $ 22,020
  • 2nd 32 - $ 41,906

TOTAL - $ 63,926

  • Require purchase of bollards and lights from two separate sources
  • Assembly is required.
  • The light unit broadcasts light through 360 degrees and may appear dimmer. (The solar panels can only power a specified number of LED bulbs so if they are spread out over the full 360 degrees the light viewed from any one side will be duller/dimmer)
  • Before we go with this option, I would recommend we purchase one light top and see what it looks like at night.
  • Bollards might end up larger diameter to accommodate the Annapolis light fixture.

Staff recommendation would be to go with the Option 1, however, either option should provide the enhancement and highlighting Montgomery Street.

Funding Sources:

  • Other Funding Sources: Grant funding or Release of RDA Funds


  1. Determine concept and solar bollard design.
  2. Prepare RFP for Plans/Specifications and Labor Standards Monitoring Consultants
  3. Prepare BID package for release
  4. Release Bid package for 30 days
  5. Review bid packages determine qualifications of the bidders
  6. Contract to be reviewed and approved by the City Council
  7. Sign contracts
  8. Determine Project Schedule
  9. Begin Project
 Project Manager: Don Rust
 Council Goal: Capital Improvement Project
 Fiscal year: 2011/2012, 2012/2013
 Expected Completion Date: December 31, 2012