Spencer Avenue Transit Station

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Project Value: $1,260,000
City allocation: $84,597


In 2005, the City of Oroville received congressional allocation as a result of efforts by Congressman Doolittle in the amount of $346,500 for the development of plans and specifications for a new bus transit center to be located at Spencer Avenue. The funds are federal SAFETEA-LU funds, with the funds managed on a federal level by the Federal Transportation Agency. These funds required a 20% local match in the amount of $86,625 spread out over the permitting and planning period for this project. By arrangement with the City, BCAG acted as project manager on behalf of the City soliciting proposals from qualified planning and design consultants. The consultant’s role developed an approved environmental document, and plans and specifications for construction of the new bus transit center. BCAG will managed the consultants’ work with oversight from the City.

The agreement with BCAG provides for the City to pay 20% of the consultant costs to develop an environmental document and bid ready plans and specifications. It is staff’s opinion that the $433,125 total project cost ($346,500 federal funds plus $86,625 City match at 20%) is more than adequate to complete the necessary planning and design for the project.

For purposes of construction of the project, the City has received $1,500,000 in Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) federal funds. The construction funding is programmed with a 15% match of $225,000 from the City.


  • CMAQ – Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (federal funds)
  • Trans. Fund – Outside Services 112-7000-7400-TFI $86,625


Design Phase

  • Total Funds = $433,125
  • Fed SAFETY-LU Funds = $346,500
  • City Funds (20% Match) = $86,635
  • Actual City Funds Paid = $84,597


  • Federal Funds (CMAQ) = $1.5 million (no match)
  • Actual Construction Cost = $734,725
  • Construction Management Cost = Approx. $100,000

Total Project Actual Cost

  • Approximately $1.26 million
  • City Share = $84,597
 Project Manager: Art DaRosa 538-2436
 Council Goal: Capital Improvement
 Fiscal year: 2011/2012, 2012/2013
 Expected Completion Date: November 2011