Fire Department Living Quarters

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Project Value: $100,000
City Allocation: $100,000

Project Description:

This project is to modernize the living arrangements for the fire department at the public safety building located at 2055 Lincoln Street. The project will also include upgrading the existing bathroom facilities for better usability and accessibility. Including the following:

  • Create (12) modular cubicle spaces; each containing sufficient space to house one (1) employee per room. Cubicles will be prefabricated modular structures that connect together to create private spaces.
  • Renovate both male and female latrine/shower rooms and compliant with ADA Requirements.

Funding Sources:

  • CDBG Program Income (PI)


  1. Determine Design concept and building design, (any modifications to specs or increased PI funding needs require State HCD approval
  2. Submit design concepts/specs to State Historic Preservation Office for approval to proceed
  3. Prepare RFP for Plan/Specifications and Labor Standards Monitoring Consultant
  4. Release Bid Package for 30 days
  5. Review submitted bid packages and determine qualification of bidders
  6. Contract to be reviewed and approved by City Council
  7. Sign contracts
  8. Submit documentation to clear Special Conditions to State HCD requesting authorization to proceed
  9. Determine Project Schedule
  10. Begin Project.
 Project Manager:
 Harold Duffey 538-2535
 Craig Griesbach 538-2428
 Council Goal: Sustainability
 Fiscal year: 2011/2012 2012/2013
 Expected Completion Date: May 2012