FBO Repairs

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Project Value: $250,000
City Allocation: $250,000

Project Description:

This project is to upgrade the Fixed Based Operators (FBO) building to improve the professional aesthetics and image of the building. Also, this project will include disabled accessibility upgrades to the entire building.

On November 16, 2010, the Council directed the formation of a FBO Stakeholder Committee (Committee) for the purpose of soliciting input from the aviation community regarding enhancing the Airport operations. The Committee held two public meetings to hear input from Airport stakeholders. During these meetings, a wide variety of Airport enhancements were suggested. The enhancements included the desire for: (1) a full service FBO; (2) a full service operation for fueling jets, and (3) refurbishment of the pilot’s lounge in the FBO building.

In response to the stakeholder’s requests, staff prepared and processed a RFP for a full service FBO to operation at the Oroville Municipal Airport.

Funding Sources:

  • CDBG Program Income (PI)
    (to date, only ADA upgrades to the restroom and improvements to the building have been approved by HCD)


  1.  Determine design concept and building design, (any modifications to specs or increased PI funding needs require State HCD approval.
  2. Submit design concepts/specs to State Historic Preservation Office for approval to proceed.
  3. Prepare RFP for Plans/Specifications and Labor Standards Monitoring Consultants
  4. Prepare BID package for release
  5. Release Bid package for 30 days
  6. Review bid packages determine qualifications of the bidders
  7. Contract to be reviewed and approved by the City Council
  8. Sign contracts
  9. Submit documentation to clear Special Conditions to State HCD requesting authorization to proceed
  10. Determine Project Schedule
  11. Begin Project
 Project Manager:
 Don Rust
 Craig Griesbach
 Council Goal: Economic Development
 Fiscal year:  2011/2012, 2012/2013
 Expected Completion Date: June 2012