Municipal Auditorium

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Project Value: $750,000
City Allocation: $750,000

Project Description:

The facility will need an assigned City staff member to book and work scheduled events. In addition, Feather River Parks and Recreation will pay city $15,000 initially and an additional $15,000 in January for repairs to the facility.

City staff and Feather River Recreation and Park District (FRRPD) staff conducted an inspection of the Municipal Auditorium (Auditorium) on May 9, 2011 to address the current conditions of the building. Findings of the inspection included:

  1. Lighting throughout the building is outdated and not energy efficient;
  2. The six large swamp coolers over the main portion of the Auditorium are very inefficient and deteriorated beyond repair;
  3. The Butte County Department of Public Health concluded an inspection of the commercial kitchen. The kitchen will require approximately $15,000 of upgrades;
  4. For safety reasons the ceiling of tiles were removed;
  5. The two ADA restrooms are in good shape however, adjustments to the grab rails and relocation the two toilets will be required (Cost $300 to $500); and
  6. The HVAC systems over the office area will need to be inspected. Further review of the PG&E audit report will offer insight to the current conditions of the HVAC system. These are the six biggest repairs that need to be addressed. There are a lot of other things that need to be addressed like repairs to the neon sign outside, outside security lights need to be replaced and relocated, basketball floor could stand to be refinished and a good paint job in the interior and exterior. But all in all, the building has “good bones”.

Currently, the facility costs approximately $50,353 to operate and with an approximate income of $43,926 (for a loss of $6,427). With upgrades to reduce electricity cost and upgrading the appearance of the Auditorium to entice more rentals, the operation of the building may be able to make a profit.

Funding Sources:

  • CDBG Program Income $750,000


  • Obtain State HCD approval for use of CDBG Program Income
  • Determine design concept and building improvements
  • Submit design concept/specifications to State Historic Preservation Office for approval to proceed
  • Prepare BID package for release
  • Prepare and Distribute RFP for Davis Bacon Labor Monitoring Consultant
  • Release Bid package for 30 days
  • Review bid packages determine qualifications of the bidders
  • Contract to be reviewed and approved by the City Council
  • Sign contracts
  • Submit documentation to clear Special Conditions to State Housing and Community Development (HCD) requesting authorization to proceed
  • Determine Project Schedule
  • Begin Project
 Project Manager:
 G. Harold Duffey
 Pat Clark
 Don Rust
 Council Goal: Sustainability
 Fiscal year: 2011/2012, 2012/2013
 Expected Completion Date: September 2012