Historic Property Renovation

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Project Value: $150,000
City Allocation: $150,000

Project Description:

Within the City of Oroville a substantial number of historic Gold Rush and subsequent era structures exist. Many of our fellow Sierra Nevada Gold Rush era towns have begun to capitalize on these historic gems as centers of gravity for renovation, reinvestment, and downtown rejuvenation. For the City Oroville, our competitive advantage in historic structures and a walk-able downtown coupled with scenic beauty of the Feather River provides for a compelling investment story!

Taking direction from the City Council’s goals of economic development and sustainability, the preservation of these historic structures has been top of mind in the leveraging public sector capital for the attraction of private sector investments and job creation. Both KIXE and Crossfire Marketing Group projects have applied this investment strategy for public-private partnerships that generate preservation of historic structures, create jobs and increase foot traffic downtown, while rejuvenating the socio-economic fabric of Oroville’s downtown.

Funding Sources:

  • Includes previously expended Oroville Redevelopment Agency capital which is being deployed as an incentive to attract and leverage private sector capital for the rejuvenation of historic properties.


  • Solicit private sector interest in renovating historic structures for the purpose of catalyzing downtown rejuvenation
  • Private sector requests development information and site selection assistance
  • Site selection criteria established and acquisition process (terms and conditions) begins on behalf of private sector
  • Zoning review
  • Site plan review
  • Development of business, community, and workforce development partnerships in support of operations Performa
  • Construction plan review
  • Issue construction permits (City, utility, sewer/water)
  • Inspection review
  • Certificate of Occupancy
 Project Manager: Sam Driggers 538-2422
 Council Goal: Economic Development
 Fiscal year: 2011/2012, 2012/2013
 Expected Completion Date: