Engineering Fees

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Land Development Service Fees

 Abandonment/Street/R-O-W  $727.82
 Assessment District Annual Review  Actual
 Assessment District Set-up (Benefit Assessment District & Landscape & Light District) 
       $7,500 Deposit w/charges @ fully allocated hourly rate = costs plus $20.00 per lot
 Lot Line Adjustment  $689.80
 Certificate of Compliance  $342.18
 Parcel Merger  $765.84
 Consolidated Facilities District (Deposit required at time of submittal)  Varies
 Deferred Improvement Agreement  $114.06
 Final Parcel Map Review  $1,303.56
 Final Subdivision Map Review  $1,303.56
 Flood Plain Letter  $222.69
 Grant of License  $157.51
 Planning Outside Consultant Services
    Deposit required at time of submittal
 Record of Survey (Processed directly thru Butte County)  N/A
 Reversion to Acreage  $3,258.90
 Subdivide Agreement  $972.24
 Subdivision & Site Improvements Construction Inspection cost,
    3.0% of estimated construction cost
 Minimum $162.95
 Subdivision & Site Improvements Plan Check, 
    1.5% of estimated construction cost
 Minimum $162.95
 Tentative Subdivision Map $20.00 per lot, plus  $1,873.87
 Tentative Parcel Map Review $20.00 per lot, plus  $1,873.87


City Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit Fees

 Construction Dumpster, Each Location  $76.04
 Construction Job Trailer, Each Location  $76.04
 Disabled Curb Ramp, Each Location  $108.63
 Drainage Inlet, Each Location  $108.63
 House Relocations/Moving Each Section  $168.38
 Paving,<1,000sf.  $97.77
 Pedestrian Protection, Canopy Type Each Location  $114.06
 Pedestrian Protection, Railing Type Each Location  $97.77
 Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter; Repair<100lf.  $97.77
 Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter; New<100lf.  $114.06
 Sidewalk infill<100lf.  $108.63
 Sidewalk Obstruction, Each Location  $97.77
 Sidewalk Underdrain, Each Location  $86.90
 Street Obstruction, Each Location  $97.77
 Street Repair,<500sf.  $97.77
 Underground Utility,<300lf.  $108.63
 Fees for major improvements shall be based upon adopted Subdivision & Site Improvement
 cost percentage rates. Plan check and inspection fees for activities which do not fall within the
 above categories shall be calculated at the allocated hourly rates at this time.
 Re-Inspection Fees  
 In the event that the works fails to meet standards upon the initial inspection, a re-inspection
 fee shall be estimated at the allocated hourly rate at this time.  Re-inspection shall not be
 scheduled until the re-inspection fee has been paid.
 Penalties for Noncompliance  
 In the event that activities or work commences prior to the issuance of a valid encroachment
 permit, the permit issuance, plan check and inspection fees shall be doubled.


Grading Permit

 0-49 Cubic Yards  Exempt*
 50-1,000 Cubic Yards  $179.24
 1,001-10,000 Cubic Yards  $179.24 + $10.00 per additional 1,000 cy
 10,001-100,000 Cubic Yards  $423.66 + $15.00 per additional 10,000 cy
 100,001 or more Cubic Yards  $540.98 + $25.00 per additional 100,000 cy
*20-49 Cubic Yards of soil disturbance requires a Erosion Control Permit


City Sewer Connection Charges (Resolution 5889)

 Residential and Commercial  $696.00 per EDU
 Industrial  $2,856.50 per EDU
 Sewer Service Agreement Application Fee  $435.00
 Sanitary Sewer Main Tapping Fee  $331.32
 Sewer Service Charges (Resolution 8530)
 Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Mobile Home (per EDU)
 City Charges (Collection)1  $23.56/mo2   $282.72/yr
 SC-OR Charges (Treatment)1  $11.85/mo  $142.20/yr
 Total  $35.41/mo  $424.92/yr 

(1) Sewer service charges are placed on the property owners tax bill.
(2) Includes $1.32 per month per EDU for the East Trunk Line maintenance charge.


Miscellaneous Sewer Documents 


Print & Copy Services

 Xerox Copies  $0.25 per copy
 11"x17"  $1.10 per print
 18"x26"  $1.15 per print
 24"x36"  $1.25 per print
 24"x42"  $1.30 per print
 Mylar 24"x36"  $3.30 + $1 per copy
 GIS printouts 18"x26" & 24"x36"  $35.85


Exhibit "A" Development Impact Fees

 Fire Suppression/Protection  $49.59  $34.33  $0.008
 General Government/Administration  $77.57  $77.57  $0.038
 Law Enforcement  $38.15  $66.12  $0.051
 Park Development  $860.85  $676.48  $0.000
 Storm Drainage System  $1,491.55  $741.33  $0.598
 Storm Drainage System (Thermalito)  $3,641.37  $4,522.90  $5,287.11 Per Acre
 Sewer Collection Facilities  $427.25  $380.20  $404.21 per EDU
 Traffic/Circulation System  $604.00  $398.00  See Exhibit B*
 Total Fees  $7,190.33  $6,896.93  
 Additional Fees
 Sewer Commission-Oroville Region (SC-OR) Connection Fees  $6,638.00  $6,638.00  $6,638.00 per EDU
 School Fees**  $2.97 per Sq. Ft.  $2.97 per Sq. Ft.  $0.470 per Sq. Ft.


*Exhibit B contains table 5-3 which gives the costs for various industrial and commercial uses.
Where the usage is not contained in Table 5-3, the ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers Manual 5th Edition)
would be used to calculate.

**Except for Rental Self-Storage, in which case $0.02 per Sq. Ft. is the allowable charge.
Lodging Department will be $0.32 per Sq. Ft.


Transportation Permit Application

 Single Trip Permit  $17.00 
 Annual Permit  $94.00 


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