Roxy The Fire Dog

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Roxy_01 (Small)

Roxy is an Accelerant Detection Canine for the City of Oroville. Roxy assists in fire investigations, and is a great tool in helping locate traces of ignitable liquids. Roxy is utilized for different searches including fire scenes, vehicles, clothing and area searches.
Roxy continues to make a major impact on the community through demonstrations and education. We will strive to use every tool possible to keep up the fight against arson.

Roxy and her handler, Fire Investigator Marnie Gedney, are a certified team through a Laboratory Certified Chemist, Doug Byron in a double blind examination. Roxy is the only Accelerant Detection Canine in the North State that meets and exceeds California State standards.


Roxy and Fire Investigator Marnie work for the City of Oroville Fire Department and are part of a interagency task force, Butte County Fire Investigation Team. Accelerant Detection Canines have been vey successful assisting in fire investigations. Accelerant Detection Canines are a tool in locating traces of ignitable liquids. During training Roxy is imprinted with the odor of 50% evaporated gasoline. A primary positive response (alert) by Roxy in the presence of an ignitable liquid is indicated when Roxy assumes a “sit” position. This response is then reinforced by a food reward. This is the method of choice since food is a high priority. Roxy is trained on a daily basis to discriminate between pyrolysis products normally found at fire scenes and pyrolysis products containing ignitable liquids. Roxy is 100% accurate during her daily training. This methodology is very efficient in locating the exact spot for the Investigator to collect a fire debris sample to ensure the high probability of a positive result from the crime laboratory, once the sample is analyzed. In case studies, the canines were found to be capable of detecting 2/100th of a microliter of evaporated gasoline, this is lower than the detection limits of most machines used today.


Roxy is a tool that can help her handler locate trace amounts of ignitable liquids. Roxy is much faster than our hand held machines most investigators use today. Since Roxy is quick less time is spent on scene. Roxy can smell ignitable liquids at a very low level.


Roxy is able to search a vehicle inside and outside. On top of the roof and in the trunk. Roxy is very fast and locates the exact location where evidence needs to be collected.


Roxy is able to search several articles of clothing to find the exact location for the ignitable liquid. Roxy has been instrumental in assisting to locate a suspect that normally would not been accused of arson.