Micro-Enterprise Technical Assistance

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General Information

Phone: (530) 538-2495
Fax: (530) 538-2539
Email: businessassistance@cityoforoville.org

Program Purpose

The City of Oroville uses CDBG funds to provide assistance for the establishment, stabilization, and expansion of a Micro-Enterprise business that has 5 or fewer employees of which one or more is the owner. The assistance will aid in creating and/or retaining jobs for persons in the Target Income Group (TIG) households. TIG households are those making less than 80% of the Butte County area median income as established by Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Scope of Services

  • Provide Technical Assistance-Hands on technical assistance that is necessary for local small businesses in order to move the successfully through business development and expansion.
  • Referral to Local Service Providers-Financial Institution, Small Business Administration, 3 Core, City Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Development Center, etc.
  • Assist with Documentation/Financing - Dependent upon the type of assistance requested, we will assist in generating and completing reports necessary to obtain financing and/or meet their basic business goal.
  • On-Going Follow Up-On a regular basis the City of Oroville will contact the business to offer any additional assistance that may be needed.

How can Micro-Enterprise Business Technical Assistance Help?

The Micro-Enterprise Business Technical Assistance Program helps to prepare individuals who are interested in self-employment for the challenge of successfully owning their own business by:

  • Helping evaluate interests and abilities
  • Exploring concepts and commitments of self-employment
  • Providing materials and coaching by covering important tools needed to run a small business
  • Offering one-on-one mentoring to help create a plan for starting and growing business
  • Help exploring financial options including the City of Oroville’s Micro Loan Program