SBF Prioritiy Map

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Interactive Map of Funded SBF Projects

On August 10, 2016 the SBF Steering Committee approved the Project Priority Map. The map takes into consideration the low flow channel of the Feather River from just below the Diversion Dam extending along to the Afterbay Outlet. The map was based on the SBF’s Vision Statement.

Vision of the SBF

  1. Major consideration: The applicant shall provide a compelling presentation as to how the
    proposed project will assist in mitigating what was lost by the construction of the Oroville
    Dam Facilities (FERC Project No. 2100). The application shall take into consideration the
    various existing City of Oroville, Feather River Recreation & Park District, the Settlement
    Agreement for licensing of the Oroville Facilities FERC Project No. 2100, and other regional
  2. Moderate consideration: The applicant should provide a meaningful connection to existing,
    or planned, facilities and projects. The application should also be in, or near, the low‐flow
    channel of the Feather River (as defined in the above figure) and assist in making the
    Oroville Region a Northern California destination.
  3. Low consideration: The applicant’s proposed project may be away from the low‐flow
    channel of the Feather River, not connected to existing, or planned, facilities and projects,
    be unique or a non‐profit venture within the Oroville Region including areas under FERC
    jurisdiction; however, the project must, at a minimum, meet the stated vision of the SBF.